Birthday Bear

Dear Bear,

This is late & I hope one day you will forgive me.

You turned three last week & I let the day go by in a whirlwind of you wearing your birthday ears to church & visiting your grandfathers.

You started school last month & we love how excited you get on school days. Even when you claim you don’t want to go, you perk right up when you walk in to your classroom. Most days, we don’t even get a hug when we drop you off because you’re too busy playing with your friends. I especially loved the day you announced, “I have a girlfriend. Her name is M & she plays with me. That’s why she’s my girlfriend!”

You still love Mickey. In fact, you’ve been talking about your Mickey party since we planned Butter’s Super Hero Squad party this summer. You like drumming . . . on every available surface. You sing songs & sometimes I have no idea how you know the words, because I am pretty sure you’ve only ever heard the song once. You’re much more of a Mama’s Bear this year than last. If given the option for who can help you with something, “Mommy do it!” is your immediate response almost every time. You come to me when you want to wake someone up [That’s totally cool kiddo, except when it’s 3:30 in the morning. Mommy doesn’t go back to sleep as quickly as Pop. It would be awesome if you realized that.] & you get super excited when it’s time to wake your brother up for the day.

You’re just a bit taller than Butter was at two. It’s okay, though. You don’t let it hold you back. I watched, amazed, as you climbed up on the stairs the other day & reached over to turn on the stair light so you could go play in the loft. Don’t ever let anyone claim you don’t know what you want & exactly when you want it. You’re headstrong [gee, I wonder where you get that from. Ahem.] & quick to laugh at any & every thing.

You are a true joy.

We love you, Bear.

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