We’re Not So Good With the Fish

About three weeks in to Butter’s first fish tank, Harry [the goldfish who was actually a goldish color] passed away. Richie lived on, and appeared to be doing very well.

A few days later, we went to get a new Harry. Two days after that, I noticed Richie’s fins seemed to be getting shorter. Twitter and some googling told me that goldfish can be nasty little buggers, and will occasionally attack one another. By the time I realized there was a real problem, Richie had taken to hiding a plant to escape Harry’s Evil Twin. When I couldn’t find him one morning, I kind of flipped out. It’s a ten gallon fish tank – where the heck could one of two goldfish have gone?

I finally found Richie hidden super well in the plant. I ended up nudging him out of there to get him to eat and what I saw really bothered me. Richie had absolutely no control over his swimming. He’d get kind of stable for a little while, then inevitably swim into the path of the filter and be sent tumbling around the tank until he could wiggle into the plant and get some stability.

Richie was dead by the time I got home that night.

We decided not to replace him [he’d have been a lot harder to replace because of his coloring] and just hope Butter wouldn’t notice Richie was missing. [Parents of the Year, anyone?]

Harry’s Evil Twin was dead two or three days later.

So the tank sat empty [of fish] for a bit. On September 13 I took Butter to the Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids at the Riverfront, and wouldn’t you know it – one of the booths/vendors was giving away goldfish. Butter got one and we brought it home to put in the tank. It died two weeks later.

Part of me thinks we have some kind of ick in the water that’s causing our fish to die. Part of me just doesn’t care, but I’m 32 weeks pregnant and fish are really the last thing on my mind. But I want Butter to grow up having some kind of pet, and since we can’t have cats or dogs [or really anything with fur] because of M’s allergies, fish/hermit crabs/etc are our options.

Either way, we’ve proven that we’re no good with fish. Yet.

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