We’re Either Really Smart . . .

Or seriously dumb.

On Tuesday, M called & finally canceled our cable subscription. At the beginning of baseball season. Right after we got a new TV because our previous one died & we couldn’t deal with the dinosaur we’d brought up from the basement any longer.


There was much gnashing of teeth over whether or not we were going to do this. The kids like PBS. The kids like the Disney Channel. We never had the Disney Junior channel, so they didn’t know what they were missing with that, but still. The adults liked watching baseball. Mama liked being able to record shows & fast forward through the commercials.

Then we realized something.

Most of the PBS shows the boys watch? Are on Netflix. Baseball can be listened to on the radio, which actually works in our favor because we prefer the radio guys to the TV guys. We have Hulu for the shows we recorded & the commercials aren’t that bad. I can sit through two 30 second ads. We have Netflix for movies. We have a ton of DVDs we never watched because we were constantly flipping channels to find something on TV instead.

The bonus for us right now? Bear has recently fallen IN LOVE with Blue’s Clues. Butter has fallen in love with a show called Super Hero Squad. Both of those are available on Netflix, & Butter knows how to get to it both on our Wii & the TV. We’ve decided to invest in a couple of DVDs of shows that aren’t on Netflix or Hulu. Who knows, we may even skip the buying & just start checking them out of the library. We’re crazy people, I tell you.

Have you considered canceling your cable service? What prevented you from – or encouraged you to – do so?

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  1. Less TV time…. more reading time…more outside time…. more creative play time…. I think this is a winner!!!
    And of course PopPop will let them have more then their share of TV time when they are here JUST WITH HIM. Mean GramMom discourages TV watching when she is home with the boys.

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