Today Was a Good Day

It was busy.

It was a day I got to exercise my right as an American citizen. The only thing I’m sad about [genuinely] is that Butter wanted to go with me when I voted as well. He didn’t get to, because I had to go to work after I voted.

It was a day when I got to treat myself a bit. It was a day when I got to treat other a bit.

It was a day when I absolutely did something for me. Something I needed to do, something God told me to do.

I went to my first ever women’s Bible study tonight. I was a nervous wreck going in. If you know me, you know how well I do in new situations. For those of you who don’t know me: I’m shy, withdrawn, and sometimes come across as rude because I don’t want to make an idiot of myself, so I just don’t talk.

It was a truly liberating experience for me. I got to share the reason that prompted me into going back to church. I got to share that I was scared senseless about having two brain surgeries. And maybe it took one of the women telling me it was okay to have those fears almost a year later that makes it sink in.


I feel good. I’m glad I went.

And I’m doubly glad I was so busy today, I was forced to ignore social media.

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