This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

This morning, I sat down to check my e-mail and putz around on the internet for a bit when I got a pop up telling me my computer was infected with a virus and I should purchase an update copy of an antivirus software in order to delete the files and keep my computer protected.

Lucky for me, I asked Mr. Google about said virus warning.

Turns out Security Shield is a bogus antivirus program.

It took me all day to get the virus off of my computer. Part of that was because I was bouncing back and forth between working on the laptop and working on the desktop to meet a deadline. Part of it was because after I rebooted the computer in Safe Mode, the antivirus program that had been suggested shut the computer down.

I’m so grateful to have friends who work with computers on a regular basis. I sent a text to said friend and got a phone call about ten minutes later. An hour later, my computer is running as smoothly as it was yesterday.

I have no idea how I even got the virus, but I’m just glad it’s gone.

How was everyone else’s Monday?

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  1. Two weeks ago I had the exact same thing happen – fake security program and everything. It took the hubs starting the computer over as brand new to get rid of it. He tried many other options but it kept coming back. He had to reinstall windows and everything. Totally sucked.

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