Things I Should Be Doing

  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Putting the folded laundry away
  • Scrubbing floors
  • Finding the new debit card the bank says was mailed to me weeks ago [I’m sure it’s in a pile of mail somewhere in this house.]
  • Responding to e-mails

There are likely a thousand other things I should put on that list. But I’m not. Those are kind of the things I think I can deal with in the next several hours, including a break to pick Bear up from school.

But instead of doing those things, I’m sitting at my incredibly messy kitchen table with a cold cup of coffee, blogging & panicking about where, exactly, I’m supposed to start.

I know what needs to be done, it’s just the doing of it that gets so overwhelming.

And what’s even better? I just discovered via an e-mail alert that the debit card I have in my possession has been deactivated. Thanks, bank. I don’t understand why they’d deactivate something before I can confirm the receipt of the replacement, but okay, cool. We’ll go with that.

I need more hours in the day. Who’d like to volunteer to get working on a Hermione Granger style time turner for me?

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