Slowest. Week. Ever.

How is it only Thursday? Why do I feel like this week is dragging? And why am I so nervous about, oh, everything?

I think a big part of that is because the boys have been fighting every. single. day. this week. I wish I were joking about that, but I’m not. At all. They’re 3.5 and nearly 18 months. Why did I think this was supposed to start later? The squabble this morning was over a toy which LB got for his birthday [and was playing with], but Butter wanted to play with at the exact same moment. That did not end well for me. Both kids crying in separate Thinking Chairs and me wishing for a bigger coffee pot.

Speaking of coffee, I don’t think I’ve had any since Sunday. That’s kind of crazy for me.

I also got a wretched headache out of – literally – no where last night. M told me to go to bed and I refused. He said five minutes later I was snoring on the sofa.  I woke up and proceeded to BE awake for a few hours. That’s awesome. Today my head still hurts, and I took a two hour nap on the sofa. I have no shame in admitting that, as it was the first TV either of the kids watched all day. Feels like a win, except for the part where Little Bear kept hitting me in the face [with a book, no less; this is not the first time] and Butter kept jumping on me to give me hugs. At least they love me?

But today, I think they love me a little too much. Every single time I’ve tried to do anything today – including pee – at least one of the boys has been with me. I think I’m going to have to resort to locking myself in the laundry room. But then I’d have to do something in there [like fold towels] and I just don’t want to do that.

Possibly totally related to the thing where the boys are up my butt every time I try to do anything? My house was not nearly as cluttered when I was working. And I have no desire to try to do anything, because every time I do it, one of the boys in the house [I’m including M in this] messes it up in approximately 45 seconds.

This is getting seriously ugly.


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