Please, Allow Me to Tell a Story.

In July 1998, my Great Grandmother [called Sugar] passed away.

We were incredibly close.

When she passed away, my Grandma promised me Sugar’s Bible. It was given to Sugar by my Grandma & Pap Pap on Christmas Day in 1972. All my life, it’s the Bible I saw her carrying to church. As I write this, I am absolutely sobbing. This year, my Grandma sent my Sugar’s Bible to my Mom, because my Mom wanted me to have it before my first surgery. There’s so much history in it. I never knew her anniversary was November 11, 1935 until I opened her Bible. My Great Grandfather passed away in 1970. They were married 35 years when he died.

There are marriages, births, and deaths in this Bible. It has the day she was saved in it. It’s my family history. Still, I sat in wonder the night before my surgery, looking in awe at her handwriting. Until then, I hadn’t seen her handwriting in a long time.

In the front, there is a poem. I don’t know whether she wrote this poem, and I don’t know whether I even want to share it in its entirety with you. One line, though, strikes me so hard.

Just do the best you can,

You guys? That’s in my Sugar’s handwriting. It’s like she was speaking directly to me when she wrote it. It’s something I needed to read, even though I started crying when my Mom handed me the Bible. I couldn’t get through it until the night before my surgery, and it got to me. It’s also the Bible I took with me to the hospital. I’m so grateful for it. Thank you, Gram, for sending it to Mom. I needed that so much.

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