One Busy Day

First of all – when your child freaks out moments before you walk out the door to go to an auto show, you should probably ask what hurts [in this case, his side] and why he’s freaking out so much before you leave. A dose of Motrin for his little fever, and a t-shirt [instead of the long sleeved shirt he’d been wearing], and he seemed to be okay. He made it through the auto show like a trooper – climbed in every single car we looked at and made sure to buckle himself in to the seats.

After the show, we made a Target run for more Tylenol for the kiddo and came home to put him down for a nap. Initially, I had glorious plans to join him for his nap. But then I noticed that the table was cluttered, and we’d left a juice glass and two coffee mugs half full from this morning. That led to me loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen. And then I started vacuuming. And doing laundry. And generally picking up around the house.

Then I asked M to bring up boxes of baby clothes from the basement. This was partially because a lot of them were in the same boxes and I wanted to separate them by size and partially because I wanted to check out what I still had in the way of clothes for Baby Boy. [The answer is a LOT, even though I donated quite a bit.] When my ankles started crying “Uncle!” from all the moving around I was doing, I sat down and started to go through the clothes. There are currently four totes in my living room filled to the brim with anywhere from 9 months to 2T clothing. I’ll gladly pay someone to walk them down to my basement [or I’ll just ask M nicely].

I should mention that while I was doing all of this, M was cutting the grass. He came in to me sitting on the living room floor surrounded by baby clothes, and helped me go through a box or two of them. Butter’s grandparents picked him up to stay the night at their house and for some reason we decided we had to pull the Halloween decorations out. I discovered tonight that M planned to propose to me on Halloween and he got his hands on an adorable bear from Starbucks that had the perfect spot for the ring he gave me in a little pumpkin it was holding [it’s a bear dressed up as a cat for Halloween and the pumpkin is it’s treat bag]. All we need to do is line the garage with the purple and orange lights we twisted together tonight and I think we’re done decorating outside. Inside is done.

I’m exhausted and planning to go to bed very, very soon. After the Phillies game.

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