Not Enough Time in the World

Why is it that things are so busy at this time of year?

In the spirit of saving time [see what I did there?], I’m going to make a bullet list of everything I wanted to talk about in this post. Maybe these points will get their own post one day.

  • Our tree is up, but not decorated. [Hopefully I can get that done this evening.]
  • No, I am nowhere close to being finished with shopping.
  • Work in the church office is so busy, I’m bringing some of it home with me! [This is a blessing, believe me.]
  • I feel like I’m finally hitting a decent stride with the whole running thing. I’m being more emphatic about doing it, instead of, “Meh, if I don’t get to it today, I don’t get to it.” It makes me feel better. And a happy mama = a happy family. Right?
  • We still haven’t taken Santa photos. Or Bear’s two year pictures. Whoops?
  • We chose not to do Christmas cards this year. Instead, we’re doing a New Year letter.
  • For some reason, I don’t mind being a restaurant widow so much any more.
  • I could use one good nights’ sleep. I haven’t had one in a couple of days.
  • I can’t remember the last time we bought food in a restaurant, not counting vacation. It was probably just before our vacation, but my brain has stopped working. See the title of this blog post & the previous bullet point.

Hope you’re all having a productive holiday season. I’m going to go finish moving ornaments decorating the tree.


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