New Car Smell

Remember this post? The one where I said we were going to try to buy a new vehicle at model year end?

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Have I mentioned that my car died?

My car. The first car I ever bought with my own money, and paid for, died. Well, kind of. M had been driving it back and forth to training for his new position and put 4k on it over the course of January and February.

The poor car already had over 100,000 miles on it when he started the training. I remember him calling me one night – it was raining – and complaining that the car would go over 35 mph. It wasn’t the most unusual thing to hear; the car hadn’t run right in the rain for well over a year.

Finally, my father in law insisted we have someone take a look at it. The result was something about a cracked coil pack that would have cost more than the car was worth to fix. My mother in law’s boss decided to buy it, and we were forced to get a New Car, right now.

So, M sent queries to a bunch of local dealers. We made a few appointments. All was well with our world. I’ll say right now that we made a mistake going to New Jersey first. The people there were the sleaziest, most stereotypical car salesmen I’ve ever come across. I know I don’t have a ton of experience buying cars [this is only the third one I’ve ever bought and the second one that’s been in my name], but when I don’t like you on sight, you’re probably not going to get my business. Also, probably not a good idea to keep your cigarettes in your shirt pocket for the world to see. Just saying.

Do you remember how I said we were seriously looking at a Kia Sportage? Yeah, that didn’t happen either. We test drove it and it would have been fine if we couldn’t have gotten what we wanted for a good price. It was just . . . small. A little too small for someone the size of M, and my two children, who are probably going to be just as, if not bigger, than him.

I was really disenchanted after we left the New Jersey Kia dealer. We’d had an appointment in West Chester, PA, but on the way to Jersey, M canceled it. I told him to call the guy back and see if we could still come in. By that time, we knew exactly which vehicle we wanted, and which color I was dead set on getting.

They had one in stock, with all the features we wanted.

We got there damn near closing time. We left two hours later with a brand new Kia Sorento. I’ll have to take pictures of it when I get a chance, but it’s pretty. The color is Dark Cherry, and I’m just really, really happy with it. I could go in to all the features it has, but I honestly got bored listening to our salesman talk about it, so I won’t bore you will them.

I love it.

I don’t love that it was keyed while we were at a Phillies game last week. But, eh. I’ll live.

If you’re in need of a new car and are local to me, I cannot give Mike Bogus [that’s really his name, and yes, I laughed when M told me] at Kia of West Chester a higher recommendation. He was extremely patient with us while we were doing the paperwork, and stayed past closing time to help us finish the deal. He also e-mailed me this past week to ask me how things are going with the new car. I haven’t replied yet, but I’m looking forward to telling him how much I love it.

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  1. a few months ago, we drove the sorento. we LOVED it. too bad it was
    much larger than what we were looking for.
    and the dark cherry is slick. awesome color.

  2. How exciting getting a new car! My “new” car is 3.5 years old now but I still love it to bits. It makes it even better when you get a great deal & a dealer that is nice & doesn’t try to screw you over.

    Hope you enjoy it for many years to come.


  3. “I don’t love that it was keyed while we were at a Phillies game last week.”
    That’s a Philly fan for ya!!! (but seriously, that sucks)

    Congrats on the new car and I’m glad you found a good salesman. When we bought my wife’s car two years ago I eventually told the salesman that I wanted to talk with someone else because I didn’t like him, he was getting on my nerves and I was about to leave. He wasn’t a big fan of my approach but oh well, I was the one spending the money.

    And I am sorry for your first car loss. I remember when I lost the first car I ever bought. Transmission died and, like your car, it would have cost more to fix than the car was worth. Guess it was just time to move on from it.

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