It’s Been a While

A lot has changed since my last update.

I was officially divorced from M in December 2020.
I began training for a new position at my job in March 2021.
J moved back to Virginia in July 2021.
I moved back to Virginia in October 2021.
We got married in November 2021.
I got a second job in December 2021.
I quit my first job in December 2021. Mental health > any job, ever. [Just saying.]
Bear made the decision to move to Virginia in December 2021 (or was it January 2022? I don’t exactly recall when he made the official decision.)

Since then, I have lost friends. I have reconnected with friends. I’ve lost family members. I just don’t even know how to contemplate what has been going on in my life.

I am happy. I am sad. I have a lot of joy for the things that have happened. I have a lot of sadness for the things that have happened. I have been working on who I am as a human being. I have been working at being a better mother. I have been missing half of my heart while he still lives in Delaware. [The fact that I am trying to get a hold of him while I write this blog post notwithstanding. It’s infuriating.]

I don’t even know who bothers to read this any more. You’re amazing, if you do. If you’re new, thank you for joining me. I want to welcome you with my whole heart. Thank you for joining my brand of weird.

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