In Defense of Me.

I feel like I should write this, but I don’t want to come across too . . . well, I don’t know exactly what word I’d put here. I just don’t want to come across as anything but honest.

And being that the election was over a week ago, I feel like I’m probably a little [okay, a lot] late to the party on this, but this blog is prompted by things I’ve seen on the internet and heard said about ‘me’ this week. Obviously, these things weren’t said directly to me, but when you’re talking about a woman who is proudly Christian, you’re talking to me. [Right now, I don’t even care if that makes a lick of sense.]

So here goes.

I am pro-choice. As I’ve had to beg everyone I’ve talked to lately who immediately balks when I say that, please, please, please understand that being pro-choice does not mean I’m pro-abortion. Personally, I couldn’t do it. But I don’t think politicians should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body.

I don’t disagree with gay marriage. Actually, I’m proud of Maine and Maryland for putting it to a vote and letting their citizens decide. Love is love, and if you start to tell me about how it’s Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve, I’m likely to roll my eyes at you and walk away.

I do not believe wives are possessions. I believe in the military, because they are who protects us and give me the right to post this blog disagreeing with a lot of people I’ve talked with lately. I believe if you make more, you should pay your fair share instead of using your church as a tax shelter.

You may ask me why I can say all of this. You guys, Jesus said the way people would know we’re His disciples is the way we love one another. How can you hate someone so much for expressing an opinion that’s different than yours and still call yourself a Christian? I don’t really think you can. As my friend Rachel pointed out to me, Jesus’ two greatest rules were love your neighbor, and love God.

I feel like I’m doing that. And I’m content with my life right now.

Are you ready for one last shocking confession? The candidate I voted for didn’t win the election [and no, I didn’t vote for Romney].

2 Replies to “In Defense of Me.”

  1. The only thing I disagree with you about on this post is the “I believe if you make more, you should pay your fair share instead of using your church as a tax shelter”.

    I don’t see how it’s right (in a Christian or a non-Christian way) to tell someone that they make more so they should pay more. Would you charge a millionaire $10 for a candy bar if you were selling it to a poor person for 25 cents?

    I’m a big proponent of a flat tax system. Get rid of deductions, (people will still give to charities) or limit the deductions to a maximum of about 10%, then put a flat rate on everyone. If you want to put a floor in to protect the very poor then I’d be okay with that. But to say that someone who makes 50k a year has a fundamental right to pay a lower percentage of their earnings than someone who makes 250k a year is just wrong to me.
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    1. I wouldn’t charge someone a different price for an apple. Or any goods or services for that matter.

      But I do take issue with a man who makes quadruple what my family pulls in each year paying a significantly lower tax rate than me. To me, that’s not fair.

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