I’m Duhsausted.

A few months ago, Bear looked at me one day & said, “Mommy. I’m duhsausted. I can go to bed now?”

Duhsausted has become a thing in our house now. If you’ve ever seen me post about this on social media, I can’t remember how I’ve spelled it before, so duhsausted it shall be forever and ever, amen.

Along with the 13 quarts of tomatoes I canned last night, I put up another 12 today. 50lbs of tomatoes gave me 25 quarts & I’m really happy. I’ve already given one away to a friend. And you guys? Pinterest is a dangerous place to be for a canner. I made the mistake of telling M that I found a recipe for peach butter, so guess what he wants me to make him later in the week. I also have to do the pickles I thought I was going to do today.

The only way I celebrated the official unofficial end of summer today was by opening a beer at 2 p.m. while I was blanching, peeling, & seeding tomatoes.

It’s safe to say I am completely dusausted.


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