I Don’t Know

I don’t know what to call this post. It’s probably going to be a rambling of wild, insane things.

Or it will be a lot of vague-blogging. Is that even a thing? I blissfully deactivated my facebook account, so I can’t vaguebook anymore.

The boys.

They’re growing like weeds. Kindergarten & third grade & IEPs & Bulldog Bucks & awards for being respectful & homework battles & “What do you MEAN you left your papers at school again?!” That’s what our year has been. They’re finally in the same school, which is a major plus for this mama. I like where they are. They like where they are. We all like their teachers. It’s a change for Butter because he’d been in the gifted program for a few years, but now. Now he’s doing so much better. His handwriting could still use a little work, but whatever. I’ll gladly take that battle over dealing with teachers who seemed to want to pretend they cared, but didn’t at all.

They’re fighting like brothers. [Duh.] This morning I had to remind them that we don’t threaten to pee on our brother’s head & no, I don’t care that it’s because he wouldn’t let you play with the multitude of Legos on his bed.

We’re planning birthday parties & trips to Pittsburgh to see Mommy’s home city & lots of other things. All in the next few weeks, because our summers don’t look like most people’s. We are a food truck family.

There are a thousand other things I want to discuss, but can’t. Because they’re not public knowledge yet & frankly they’re not really for public consumption. There are things I want help with, but I’m too afraid, too introverted, too . . . something to ask for it. So I’ll keep plugging along. Like I always do. Like the good little worker bee I am.20161106_025


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