Hey, You. Go Vote Tomorrow.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know well enough there is an election tomorrow.

I’m not going to be political here. I’ve read and researched, and I’ve made my decision. But I cannot do enough to encourage those of you who are old enough to do so, to vote.

Especially those of you who are women. Our great-grandmothers [and in some cases, our grandmothers] fought hard to give us the right to vote.

Take your kids with you. Teach them about the democratic process. Explain to them their privilege and right to vote when they’re old enough.

Just do it, okay?

2 Replies to “Hey, You. Go Vote Tomorrow.”

  1. You KNOW we will vote!!!!
    I just you believe that everyone should vote…and be encouraged to vote!!!!

  2. Ditto what you just said… glad to have voted and thrilled to have the opportunity to do so (much more so than in the past when I have not voted). But this time around, I feel pretty empowered and lucky to get to do it!
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