Happy 2014 to Us!

My husband worked on New Year’s Eve. I was asleep by 10:30 PM, but then someone thought it would be amusing to call me at 11:51 to talk to me when he saw the ball drop at work. Wonder who that was. Ahem.

Butter had exactly one day of school before the assumed Snowpocolypse was coming again & school was called off. The next day, M discovered The Leak.

On Sunday, M had his dad look at The Leak. On Monday, M called the water company to have them verify whether it was our problem or their problem.

Take. A wild. Guess.

On Tuesday, the most frigid day of the year & yet another day off for Butter, the plumber came by to look at The Leak. On Wednesday,  The Leak was still causing ice on our street. The Leak resulted in someone [most likely one of our neighbors] calling DelDot & thereby having our water turned off. With absolutely no notice. M said it went like this: He was getting ready to throw a load of laundry in, but realized he wanted to finish some things in the kitchen up first. While he was running the disposal, he watched as the water pressure went down, down, down… to nothing. That’s when he saw a guy at our water meter near the street, turning a giant pole.

Without so much as a courtesy knock, our water was shut off. As M was packing up Bear to head down to his parents’ house [where we have been staying since Wednesday – THANK YOU!], another guy from the water company came out. He said the computers had tripped with an abnormally high water usage – GEE, YA THINK?! – and he was out here to check for a leak. PROBLEM SOLVED, WATER DUDE.

I imagine the water bill will be a phenomenal joke when we get it. It has been said that all we have to do is call the water company & they will work with us, but obviously, the leak is after the meter, so we’re being charged for all that water our pipe is unceremoniously dumping on to our street. The [second] plumber called M this morning & asked nicely if they could fix the leak tomorrow because there was all sorts of freezing rain this morning.

Oh, and guess what! Our homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover this. So yay! Happy New Year to us!

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