Feeling Sporky

Or rather, I feel like someone is repeatedly stabbing a spork into my left eye. Let me tell you, it’s a fabulous way to wake up in the morning. A combination of Tylenol and caffeine are not helping. Twitter has shared with me (thank you, @tehamy and @aPSUmama) that it might be allergies making me feel sporky, so I’m going to attempt Claritin and/or Benedryl tonight.

This is probably the worst I’ve felt – other than pure exhaustion – this entire pregnancy. I had some early nausea, but it was mostly in the evenings, same as it was with Butter. Wait, I changed my mind. The worst I felt was the two weeks leading up to the positive pregnancy test when I thought I was dying of a cold/allergies/some kind of sore throat/nausea/etc.

Seems like the allergy bug has skipped its favorite person in our house this year. Husband has been as free of allergies as I’ve ever seen him since we met in 2003. Butter and I have decided we don’t like Husband very much, because the two of us are suffering.

There isn’t much else going on in our world right now. My first OB appointment is on Friday. I still haven’t called to schedule Butter’s two year check up, but it’s on my to-do list. And really, who told him he was allowed to turn two anyway? I’ve been to my first Phillies game this year (May 3 – remember the night the kid was tasered on the field?) and Husband and I are thinking about going to see the Phillies play as the away team against the Blue Jays at Citizen’s Bank Park (because of the G20 Summit, the games are being moved to Philadelphia). Husband is plugging along in his new job as General Manager of the restaurant he’s working in. Butter is too smart for his own good (he can count almost all the way to ten and knows most of his letters on sight).

Life is good.

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