E-Racing the Blues

I borrowed this information from this facebook page.

Chris was 34 when his life ended-making a desperate decision to take his life in the moment of relapse and desperation. His struggle and fight with his addiction to alcohol and his struggle to deal with homophobia in his life touched millions of lives internationally through his story on the Emmy winning Series Intervention an A&E. His story changed peoples lives forever. Learn from it and tell others about it-it’s an amazing story. Chris leaves behind his loving Partner of 15 years; Shawn Hanshew-Brady, Chris’ Parents; Mary and Kevin, Shawn’s Parents; Roy and Audrey, his Loving Sister and Brother in Law; Kelly and Damien, Shawn’s Brother and Wife; RA and Michelle, Shawn’s Sister; Pam, Shawn’s Cousin Susie-who was like a Sister to Chris, 4 nephews and 2 nieces whom he adored, his beloved dogs Bear Bear and Samantha who brought him great joy and smiles, a large extended family and many many friends. Please honor Chris by joining his memorial page and living life with no regrets. Also, honor him by NEVER judging others who may be different from yourself! We love you Chris! Rest in Peace.

On October 31, 2010, Butter and I will walk in the 8th Annual E-Racing the Blues in honor of Chris. Shawn is a friend of mine, and though I never met Chris, through the stories I’ve heard from my friends who did know him, I’ve learned to love him. At a memorial for Chris on August 28, 2010, I said though I’d never met him, Chris taught me to appreciate my friends more, and live every day to the fullest.

If you’re so inclined, I ask you to go to this web site, click on Donate to or Visit a Team, choose Team Chris Brady from the drop down menu, and a make a donation. I know Shawn will appreciate it, and I definitely will.

Thank you.

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