Day 2 of School Was a Hit

Because of the reaction Butter had when arriving at his previous daycare, I’ve been a tad bit obsessive about calling M post drop off to find out how Butter handled it.

So you can kind of, sort of imagine my astonishment when he called on Wednesday and said Butter ran right up to his teacher and gave her a hug and jumped right in to the circle where they were learning about shapes and colors. And when we picked him at the end of the day? He asked to go back.

This is where I’m kind of crazy. I might have squealed a little. My jaw may still be dragging behind me somewhere in the vicinity of where we were when he asked to go back. I probably even let him have more than his fair share of the milkshake we split at dinner that night because I was so darn proud of him.

I can only hope things continue to go this smoothly, so I plan to cross my fingers, toes, eyes, etc.

2 Replies to “Day 2 of School Was a Hit”

  1. Is this a case of like mother, like son??? Glad he likes school. I am sooooo proud of all of you. Luv you much.

  2. Noah was the same way the whole first week at his school. It wasn’t until Friday week2 that he started saying he wanted to stay home instead 🙁 and it’s only on Friday’s…I think it might be b/c he was so used to staying home with me then?

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