An Important Life Lesson

I’ve done it.

You’ve done it.

Heck, we’ve all done it.

Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about regifting.

As a matter of fact, my in laws threw a party just after Christmas where they required people to bring a gift . . . something they didn’t mind regifting.

This is where the life lesson comes in. When traveling, be careful what you pack around breakable gifts you plan to regift in the future.

See, a few years ago, we traveled for Christmas. M & I got a gift that really wasn’t our style, and we knew we’d regift it in the future. When we got ready to head home, we packed several pieces of clothing around it, because it was breakable.

Apparently, when we got home, we forgot that we’d packed those things in that particular box. We assumed we’d left them at the hotel, and said we were going to move on.

Turns out, that wasn’t the case. We took that gift to my¬† in laws’ party, and imagine my surprise when the person who’d selected our gift opened it and discovered our missing clothing items.

We managed to get them back without a problem, but oh, how embarrassing.

So there’s your lesson for today. And maybe forever.

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