Why We Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

As I said in my last post, M & I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We met in a restaurant. When we were dating, we both worked in restaurants. He has since gone back to working in restaurants while I hold down the fort at [right now] three jobs. Valentine’s Day never fit into our schedule, to be perfectly honest. We celebrated once, with a date to see Hitch in the theater.

I have never been a flowers kind of girl. He does bring me flowers on occasion, but I honestly don’t like roses. I prefer daisies or wildflowers. I like chocolate, but M doesn’t need a special day to buy it for me. [Really, M. You can buy me chocolate whenever you want. I won’t disown you for it.] And let’s be real . . . this is an historically accurate presentation of what happened to Saint Valentine. [Disclaimer: a friend of mine made this last year, so it was kind of cool seeing it on social media again this year.]

Happy (historically accurate) Valentine’s Day!

When we moved to Delaware, I wasn’t a baseball fan. I quietly read while M soaked in being able to watch the Phillies play without needing to go a sports bar. I have my husband’s desire to watch the sport & Chase Utley’s rear end to thank for my love of baseball. [I am nothing if not honest.] I went to my first game in August of 2005 & I haven’t looked back.

Like I said, M works in a restaurant. It was a given once he got back in to that life that we would never be able to spend February 14 together, and truly, I don’t care. I think that’s the year he finally came up with the idea to celebrate Pitchers & Catchers Report Day. And I love it. We usually buy each other a some kind of a card, tear out the mushy stuff inside [if it’s a Valentine’s card], then write a quip about baseball. In 2012, he bought me a sympathy card that said, “With deepest sympathy” on the front. The inside read, “To the other teams in baseball.” That was probably the year I bought him a baseball shaped birthday card & crossed out the happy birthday to write something about baseball inside of it.

We are weird. We know it & embrace it.

This year, we celebrated a day early. I got him tickets to see Alton Brown. He bought me a Disney Infinity character that Butter thanked ME for buying for HIM.

I still rocked out cards for Butter’s class. Their party is tomorrow, I think, thanks to the snow.

Happy Baseball season everyone!

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