Half a Dozen Years

Half a dozen years ago, when I married my best friend, I couldn’t have written better fiction for our story.

A move to a new [to me] state. Lost jobs. One miscarriage. Two beautiful boys. Building a house, then a home together. Twenty days which were alternately terrifying and joyful when we welcomed Bear into the world. Two brain surgeries. A ton of medical bills. A ton of bills. Memories out the wazoo. Lots of lost memories due to age and those brain surgeries. More laughter and love than I could have ever imagined.

I am blessed beyond measure with a husband who is supportive, caring, and all together wonderful. Yes, there are times when I complain about him, but I know he complains about me, too. It wouldn’t be a truly productive marriage if we didn’t each have things to work on, right?

I’m blessed with family who has made it possible to spend a Magical Day with my love.

And I love that people smile and wish us a, “Happy Anniversary” when they see us wearing these buttons.

Happy Anniversary, M.

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