Let’s Talk Laundry

Does anyone else feel like sheets and towels should wash themselves?

I do.

Probably because I do at least one load of laundry a day.At least. It’s usually some variation of sheets and towels, because of kitchen stuff, the boys’ swimming stuff, the occasional night time accident, our sheets, and the towels in the bathrooms? Yikes. It’s not that I hate doing laundry, but I really feel like 90% of the week is spent folding towels and sheets.

At this point if I were working, I think I’d pay someone to do all that stuff for me. I have sheets in the washer right now. I have no less than three other loads of laundry today. I still have stuff on my couch that needs put away [::looks at M::], which I’ll be doing this afternoon as soon as Little Bear is up from his nap.

Of course, doing all this laundry has given me some ideas for some of the clothes we’re not able to salvage. You know what I mean? I have a couple of t-shirts a filing cabinet in my MIL’s office ate [read: I moved too fast and the handles tore holes in my shirt]. I think I’m going to make a Butter Super Hero Cape because he’s been running around with a hand towel shoved in the back of his t-shirt for a few weeks and he’s calling it his cape. Why not make him a real one, right?

There’s also the whole sorting-through-laundry-that-doesn’t-fit-either-child-anymore thing. I hate doing that, because it makes me pretty emo. Though it does make me feel pretty awesome when I have boxes full of stuff to give someone who has just had their first boy child after three girls. I’ll have to get pictures of the boxes I’m giving away. It’s kind of crazy.

What’s your least favorite household chore?

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  1. Ugh, laundry and dishes- they are just never ending. Dusting can wait a couple of days, buy there is always more laundry & dishes to do!

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