Truly Amusing

Last night, my friend Crystal came in for the Runyon 5K. Her flight got in around midnight, so I left for Philadelphia Airport at 11:30. I would have been there on time if it weren’t for Construction Season in Pennsylvania. Twice I was slowed down because there are signs being replaced on 95N, but I digress.

When I left my house, I noticed there was a DUI checkpoint on the road I needed to take to get home. No big deal, because all I’d had was a half a sip of wine [really, only half a sip] while I frantically cleaned the house so Crystal wouldn’t think we’re total slobs.

She arrived while I was sitting at the first sign replacement delay. I got past that one and thought I was home free; I wasn’t. Finally picked her up [yay!] and headed for home. When we got to the exit the checkpoint was on, I thought they’d moved it because they’ve done that in the past. As they were still there, I was stopped. The officer asked me if I’d had anything to drink, and I honestly told him I’d had that half a sip of wine. He jokingly asked if I meant half a glass. When I reiterated my point, he said, “Okay. Go home and drink more. …But don’t drive!”

I think I’m still laughing.

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