Training Tuesday: Wait, what?

Confession time [again]. I haven’t actually run or done anything since my “race” on August 7.

I know I need to get back on the treadmill, especially given the amount of stress I am currently shouldering. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be trying to do it all on my own. However, it generally takes me falling flat on my face before I actually ask for help handling, well, anything. It’s just the way I’m programmed.

Because I won’t be able to do the race I signed up for on 9/10 [thank you, Moyamoya], I’ve decided I’m just going to go with it and do stuff at my own pace. I still plan to try to get to Arlington to pick up my race packet, because hey – free t-shirt.

Once I’m better healthy again, I’ll start training for actual races again. Until then, all I can is do what I need to do to feel better about the person preparing for major surgery.

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Training Tuesday: Post 5K

So, by now you know Dr. Zager didn’t think it was a good idea for me to run the 5K.

I’m going to be totally honest. I toyed with the idea of selective hearing. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m kind of stubborn. My husband, who is well aware of how I am, told me it was completely up to me.

In the end, I listened to the doctor because it was so freaking hot. The race is actually in Yankee Stadium. Unlike a “normal” 5K, not everyone can start at the same time, so they set up heats based on your per mile time. We started at noon. 12 PM. It was 91% humidity in the Bronx, and probably close to 90 degrees.

We did run across the finish line, though.

I have no idea what my official time was, nor can I get my iPod to sync with iTunes right now so I can plug it in to Dailymile. But that doesn’t matter. We finished it, and that was the most important thing to me.

I’m so grateful to the people who walked it with me. Amy and Crystal are awesome friends. Maybe next year, we can actually run it. [But OMG, someone needs to suggest taking the stairs out of the course to them. OUCH.]

No pictures of us yet, but this is the swag we all got.

Linking up to three pugs & a baby for Training Tuesday.

Training Tuesday

Why do you do it?

Isn’t that the $64,000 question.

I do it for a lot of reasons. I want to lose the baby weight. I’d love to be the size I was when I met M seven years ago. I want to be healthy. Not just for me. For my husband. For my babies.

I started running because I heard about the Damon Runyon 5k at Yankee Stadium. I’ll keep running after the race on Sunday [OMG!] because I’ve figured out that I actually like running. For the 30 minutes or so I’m on the treadmill, I get to think about what I want to think about. I can think through things that are driving me crazy. Lately, I’ve been getting up super early get my runs in. Sadly, not this week, but I’m fah-reek-ing out about my appointment at Penn tomorrow.

I have a friend on twitter to hold me accountable. She gets up at 5 am her time, I get up at 5 am my time. We curse each other through our workouts, but I know I don’t ever want to lie to her about whether or not I actually got some exercise in.

My proudest moments are when M tells me how happy he is that I’ve been doing really well, or when Butter asks me if I have to go run when I’m putting him to bed. The answer is usually no, because I’m going to bed so I can get up before he gets up to spend some time with the treadmill.

But what’s awesome? I like running.