May I Have My Healthy Child Back, Please?

Oh, life.

You have a funny, funny way about you.

Wednesday, I got a call from M about needing to pick Butter up from school. Since then, it’s been a steady game of take his temperature, give him medicine, watch his fever break, watch his fever come back with a vengeance, have him throw up, etc. I am not thrilled with this. Tonight, he is in his own bedroom for the first time in two nights because Bear threw a FIT! when I closed the door without Butter being in bed.

I dragged the mattress back to his bed from our floor & told Butter I’d get him later, after his brother falls asleep. I’m on the fence. His temperature, which was a cool 99 degrees this morning before I went to work, was around 101 when I put him to bed. I don’t want Bear to get sick, but I also would very much like to sleep tonight. Butter has woken me up at 3 a.m. the past two nights, and I then go back to sleep around 5:30.

Bear gets up around 5:45. Do not judge me for kicking my husband & telling him it’s his turn to get up with the child, thankyouverymuch. That man can fall asleep in 0.0004 seconds. He woke up for a bit with Butter the past two nights, but has been snoring away before his head even hits the pillow once he gets Butter settled. And then Butter gets up again, then we start the 3 a.m. wake up cycle.

I did take him to the doctor yesterday. The rapid strep & the culture came back negative. It would have been fabulous if the nurse practitioner had told me she thought it was something viral, but apparently I was supposed to assume that from the fact that Butter’s ears/throat/sinuses/lungs are clear & there’s no tenderness in his belly? But no, she didn’t tell me that. I learned it when I called the nurse’s line today because really I’m genuinely worried. The kid knocked off the fever twice [yesterday he was drenched in sweat] & it’s come raging back about an hour later both times. And there was the difficulty waking him up while he was sweating buckets on my sofa. So I called when M alerted me that Butter’s temperature was back up to 103.1 because I was at my wit’s end. The on call doctor said we’re within the normal time frame for a virus, blah blah blah. Okay. I’ll keep an eye on him.

It’s not like he never gets sick. He rarely gets sick, though, and I usually don’t have to take him to the doctor for it. In fact, they’re pretty impressed that he’s only been in a handful of times for sick appointments. I probably wouldn’t have taken him this time had his fevers not been so ridiculous. But 104 is pushing it, and he had that yesterday, so.

How do you deal with sick kids?

Weekend Update

So you all know how my Friday looked.

What I failed to mention in that post is that our family was scheduled for concessions duty at Butter’s t-ball game on Saturday. M had to work, so that duty fell to me. I briefly considered calling Butter’s coach on Friday & begging for a replacement, but I didn’t really want to do that to anyone last minute. Besides, Bear woke up fairly bright eyed & bushy tailed on Saturday morning thanks to just around twelve hours of sleep.

He was a little cranky before the game, but I thought we were in the clear.

We so weren’t.

After I worked the concession stand for a bit, I came back down to watch the rest of the game. I missed Butter’s at bat that inning because I was talking to either my dad or my mother in law, but no big deal. It was quickly pointed out to me that Bear – despite having slept twelve hours – seemed like he was headed for a nap. Then I put a hand on him & realized he was hotter than he should be. I quickly stripped his sweatshirt off of him [Did you know taking a two year old’s sweatshirt off is the worst thing ever? It totally is.] & he sat in my lap for the remainder of the game. At one point, he started crying & generally punching at me. I guess it was because the sun was too hot? Or he was just miserable? Doesn’t matter the reason, it happened.

Then he fell asleep. And I realized I’d carried everything myself & it had been easy because Bear was walking when we arrived. I had a lot of help getting back to the car. Butter got a game ball & he was absolutely thrilled. See?

game ball

When we arrived home from the game, I put Bear to bed. That was a bad idea & he let me know it. Loudly. I finally sent Butter up to open the bedroom door so Bear could come downstairs, but guess who ended up carrying him down fifteen minutes later. [Hint: Not Butter.] It was right around then that I realized there was no way were going to get to do anything, so I popped in a movie & asked Bear if he wanted to lay with me on the sofa. I thought I could get him to take a nap that way. Turns out, he didn’t want to do that. Instead, I snuggled up with Butter & we started watching Rookie of the Year.

Then Bear miraculously decided he wanted to lay with me. So he climbed up on my legs. After throwing a fit about which blanket he had on, he finally wiggled around enough so his head was facing the back of the sofa & promptly fell asleep on both Butter & me. Thank God I didn’t have to pee while I was buried under a pile of boy. Eventually, Butter had to potty, so he got down & Bear snuggled up on my chest. I even got to doze for a little while.

[Sidenote: It probably wasn’t the best idea to let my four year old watch Rookie of the Year. If he remembers his favorite saying – “Pitcher’s got a big butt!” – at his game on Tuesday? I am in so. much. trouble.]

When Bear woke up, he was a chatter box. I knew he must be feeling better. At that point, I realized M was working a double, so we went to visit him & got new books at the Barnes & Noble right next door, because I needed that bit of adult interaction, okay?

Shortly after M came home, I told him I was going to go check on the boys before I turned in for the night. Not even kidding, I’m glad he went in before me. Bear, who was feeling so much better, had had an episode of diarrhea in his sleep. Not explosive, but it did leak out of his PJs. I am so glad M changed that diaper. At one point, he had Bear standing up on the changing table, waiting for me to bring fresh PJs, and he was using the shirt of the dirty PJs to swipe away at the poo that had leaked on to the changing table. It was at that point I said to him, “Stop, you’re literally spreading crap around right now.”

When I told M last night about writing this post, he immediately defended himself. He said he was trying to wipe stuff up so Bear wouldn’t step in it. I told him there wasn’t much “stuff” in what was on the changing pad, at which point he deadpanned, “There were more Hs than Os in that poo, okay?”

M: 1, Me: 0

Tales & Woes of a Vomit Covered Mother

This is would be a much funnier if I were remotely joking.

Last Friday, Butter got sick. He woke me up at 5:30 in the morning. His bed was covered in vomit, and he – thankfully – managed to get the rest in a toilet or a trash can for the rest of the day.

sick butter

Admittedly, it resulted in a lot of TV & a nap he didn’t think he needed.

i don't need no stinking nap!
Excuse the saltine crumbs on the floor next to him.

Then on Wednesday, I got the bug. It was fine, because even though I nearly vomited at the smell of their dinner, the boys seemed to be fine at the end of the night.

And then Bear woke me up around 12:30 this morning. His bed was covered in vomit & he was screaming at the top of his lungs. He has not managed to get any much in the toilet or trash can today. I had to wake M up to change PJs & clean up Bear while I stripped his bed & threw everything in the wash. After his first change, Bear threw up all over me & then M took the first shift [12:45ish to 3:15] and I got to nap fitfully on the sofa from 3:15 on while Bear woke up every 20-30 minutes asking for a sip of water or Gatorade or a hug or his blanket fixed.

When he got up around 6:15, I finally asked him if he wanted to watch Blue’s Clues. This was our morning.

sick bear

While I took Butter to school and then registered him for Kindergarten [ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!], M hung out with Bear. He managed to get down half a waffle & some bread crust. When I got home, he was standing at the garage door in our laundry room, crying. That lasted for a good half hour, I think.

Then we sat down to watch something besides Blue’s Clues. Did you know Rugrats is on Netflix? It is. And this is what Bear thinks of it.

rugrats are boring.

I must say, though, Bear wins for funniest sleeping position ever. This was after he woke up, threw a fit about how I dared to keep his feet on my lap while he dosed, and refused to come near me after he got down. [Please ignore the voice that makes me seem like I spent the night in a smokey bar. I’m exhausted, okay?! Also: I’m aware this will probably require therapy in the future. We’ll start saving now.]

At present, he’s had three waffles & I think 2.5 of them came up just a few minutes after I sent M a text a work telling him Bear’s fever seemed to have broken. I have watched more Blue’s Clues than any one person should be subjected to [and we’re going to go ahead and pretend Joe doesn’t exist]. I considered tossing newspaper over the last bout of vomit, a la Big Daddy.


I’ve had a fair amount of time to read today, but not really much time to nap. I’m exhausted. I want my husband to come home so I can share all of this with him. But mostly? I want to shower. A shower would be PHENOMENAL.