Serially Obsessed

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Serial. Frankly, I got in to it late. It was nearly over by the time I started listening & I’m pretty darn grateful for that, actually. One of the other podcasts [Undisclosed] I’m listening to now on the Adnan case – I started listening to it a few episodes in & I get cranky when Monday rolls around & there’s not a new episode.

I saw Undisclosed mentioned on Twitter & I started listening to it immediately. The most recent episode [the Labor Day Minisode] mentioned the Serial Dynasty podcast. Guess what I’ve been binge listening to since Monday.


For the record, I don’t think Adnan did it. There are far too many things that don’t add up, far too many things that weren’t, in my opinion, investigated properly. I don’t know who I think did it. I haven’t had enough time to look at all of the websites that go along with the related podcasts & look over the crazy evidence they’ve got posted.

I just . . . I don’t think Adnan did it.

If you’re a Serial/Undisclosed/Adnan obsessed person like I am, I’d love to hear your theories. Are there any other Serial/Adnan related podcasts you’d suggest I listen to?








I’ve Read 53 Books This Year.

No, really.

Well, okay. I listened to a couple of them. Looking over my Goodreads shelves, I can pick out three I listened to rather than read. So technically, I’ve read 50 books this year. I’m currently reading one.

I guess you can say I’m a bookworm. I’ve always been a bookworm. True story: my parents said I had to take karate for at least a year so I wasn’t just sitting around reading books. We used to go to Waldenbooks sometimes when we went to the mall and my parents would let me pick out a couple of new Baby-Sitters Little Sister books, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to have one read by the time we got home.

I don’t love every book I read. In fact, I dislike them sometimes. ::coughOnTheRoadcough:: But these are a few that have really stuck with me this year. I’d say this is my top 5 so far this year.

All amazing books in their own way. I ugly cried when I read The Fault in Our Stars.

I actually listened to Without You, and I’m glad I did. It was read by the author, and if you’re not familiar, he played Mark in the original cast of RENT, as well as the film version. There were parts of that book that were very hard for me to listen to because I’m such a fan of RENT. When he talked about Jonathan Larson dying? That was ridiculous and I think I sat in my tub in tears.

Songs for a Teenage Nomad was something I saw on Goodreads and decided, hey, that looks like a worthy read. It was a cute story, and the author did a great job of relating the life events of a teenager to various songs of vastly different genres. I found myself surprised at some of the songs used, but happily so.

Annexed is an exploration of what Anne Frank’s story might have been like if told from Peter’s point of view. I borrowed that from our library, and I can’t remember why. I think I was looking through the digital offerings [did you know you can borrow books for eReaders with a lot of libraries now?] and thought it looked interesting.

I read The Maze Runner most recently because the book I’m currently reading – Graffiti Moon – isn’t really holding my attention. When I started this blog post on Friday, I was still listening to No Easy Day, which I finished yesterday while I was knitting my fingers numb. It was a great story, and I’m glad I listened to it rather than trying to read it. There was a lot of technical military terminology that threw me for a loop.

Now that I’ve bored you with the books that have most interested me so far this year, what have you read that you’ve loved?

Vacuum Love

This is where I prove just what a nerd I am.

We got a new vacuum on Saturday. It’s a Hoover Windtunnel Rewind, and I think if it were legal to marry vacuums, I might try to a self union with this one.


If I showed you what it picked up out of my four year old carpet, you’d be amazed. But I failed to take a picture. I know, I know. Bad blogger! Suffice it to say, you can pretty clearly tell we probably should have gotten someone else to vacuum the living room carpet with the shop vac. Hey, in my defense, I was seven months pregnant when we moved into this house.

M had just put it together when I got home on Saturday, and he let me take it for the first spin.

This isn’t a sponsored post by any means. It’s just an “I love this product so much” post.

What’s your favorite household cleaning tool?