How do you solve a problem like Legos all over your house? No, I’m asking that seriously. Because the Legos are everywhere. They’re in my kitchen, my living room, the boys’ room, my bedroom. It’s all kind of outrageous, really.


I need suggestions for where to buy reasonably priced bed frames. My husband has this vast amazing idea that we’re going to get a king sized mattress soon. I also need to know where to get sheets & other bedding sets. I would like our room to look like a master bedroom instead of dumping ground for the things for which I can’t find another place.


I question whether or not my kids will ever have a full week of school. They haven’t yet.


I need to listen to music other than what my kids ask me to listen to. So, now taking music suggestions. And for that matter, I need something else to read. I’m rereading a series right now, but I need something after that. Thoughts?


I swear I had a purpose when I sat down with my laptop, but clearly that hasn’t worked out. Oh well. I’m going to go clean. Maybe I’ll even take before & after pictures.

On second though, maybe not.

Because I Am Bored

I’m tired, my head hurts, & I’m scheduling this post without being able to think of anything to write. So you’re getting some of my favorite gifs. Please enjoy*.

When a blogger says she’s going to post nothing but gifs:

But you want to trust her & give her the benefit of the doubt:

You chew on your finger nails & are like:

You hope she doesn’t get too weird like:

And then she goes & posts this random thing that makes you laugh or cry or both:

And you’re just like:


And then you decide, regarding this gif post:

And finally, if this post hasn’t worked for you:


*Credit goes to whoever made these. I found them on tumblr.