The Results Are In

You may recall my epic migraine.

I went to the neurologist on Tuesday for my follow up appointment. The good news is all the tests came back negative. I didn’t even know he was testing me for lupus, but that’s the one thing he mentioned for the blood work results. [It was negative.] The carotid artery ultrasound was clear, the 2-D echo was clear, and the only thing he really said about the EEG was that he wants to run it again after the baby is born, because he thinks the residual headache I had the day of the test affected the results on the left side of my brain [which is the side the headache was/is on].

I’m still under orders to relax. I was very up front with him – I told him the day the bills for all of the tests arrived, I took two Tylenol 3s because I felt a really bad stress/tension headache coming on.

A large part of me is very frustrated that I don’t have any real answers. Almost any answer would have been better than “pregnancy makes migraines do funny things.” I cried in the office when the doctor reminded me to relax, because the stress could have a negative affect on the baby. The entire time, I wasn’t all that worried about me. I was [and am!] terrified what affect this is going to have on my child.

I can only hope he’s right about this all going away when the baby is delivered.

All This Because of a Migraine?

Why so quiet lately?

I’ve had the migraine from H-E-double hockey sticks. And I’m not sure if you know this, but “pregnancy makes migraines do funny things.” [I promise there’s a reason I’m quoting that.]

The last week of August found me in L&D on a Tuesday night with next to no control of my right hand, and slurred/slow speech. We arrived after 6 p.m. and were out there by 9 with a migraine diagnosis [because “pregnancy makes migraines do funny things,” like lose control of your hand and speech]. At one point the nurse brought me Tylenol 3, and I asked her what the heck it was for, because my head didn’t hurt that badly. There was also this thing about me being dehydrated, but there was a really good reason for that.

When I was sent home, it was with a prescription for Tylenol 3 and a steroid, which I picked up the next day. Side note – never walk out of the house without your ID when you need to fill a prescription for a narcotic. Not that I’m speaking from experience.

My mother-in-law called my neurologist for me the next day [remember that whole having a hard time talking thing?] and I got in with him on Friday afternoon. He was skeptical [at first] that my symptoms were caused by a migraine, but he wanted to run some tests. The following week, I had an ultrasound of my carotid arteries, a 2D echocardiogram, and an EEG. Best [or funniest, depending on how you look at it] advice he could give me prior to the tests?


He suggested meditation. I had all these grand plans to pull out my Hypnobirthing CDs because there’s a lot of good relaxation techniques on them. I haven’t found them yet.

By the time I walked out of his office, the doctor had said to me, “It’s possible you are suffering an odd migraine. Pregnancy can make migraines do funny things.”

I haven’t gotten any results from my tests yet, and I don’t see the doctor again until October 5th. I can only assume there was nothing drastic or super scary in them, because I have a feeling he’d have called me in for an earlier follow up appointment if there was something majorly wrong. My speech has improved, but I’ve noticed when I have a particularly bad headache [like I did last night], it’s worse. And I’ve completely regained control of  my hand, so that’s positive news. My father-in-law saw my neurologist last week [we go to the same doctor] and asked about me. The doctor said he thinks delivery of the baby will cure all of the symptoms I have.