Lazy Sunday

  • Woke up late.
  • Enjoyed the last few hours of just M & me.
  • Mom brought my kiddos back from the grandparents’.
  • Napped.
  • Little Bear fell asleep in the jumperoo.
  • Chinese food.
  • First Kid with my family.
  • Butter’s tears because he was so happy Luke got home safely.
  • Two more episodes of Dexter with my love tonight.
  • It’s been a great Lazy Sunday.

    When Cleaning Just Isn’t Your Thing


    So not my thing.

    Wait, I kind of take that back. I’m okay with cleaning, especially when I’ve had a particularly stressful day. There’s just something about being about to control things [like cleaning] that makes me feel better. Totally doesn’t count when I’m pregnant, though.

    The exhaustion hit in the first trimester, and it hit hard. The house has probably never looked as bad as it does right now in the entire time we’ve lived in it. And I know it’s probably on the tip of your tongue to tell me to just suck it up and clean it, but the problem is that it’s gotten overwhelming. I look around here and think, “I really need to clean this place,” and then I find myself wondering, “Where the heck do I start?!”

    Ages and ages ago, I set up a cleaning schedule with Husband.

    • Mondays – Master bedroom and bathroom
    • Tuesdays – Butter’s room and bathroom, the loft [this is supposed to be a play room, but we just haven’t done it yet], and the guest room.
    • Wednesdays – Living Room
    • Thursdays – Kitchen
    • Fridays – Laundry room, front hall, and powder room

    See, that would be all well and good if we actually stuck to it. I even have a little note on the chart that says “We can skip a room or area once a week, but only if we definitely did it the week before.” I think around the time Butter became mobile is when that entire thing fell to the wayside.

    We need to start cleaning more/better/whatever.

    Yesterday, I wanted to pledge my love to¬†BurghBaby for her ability to pester people into updating their blogs. See, she bugged BurghPotPie into updating. And oh, what an update it was! Seriously, go read it. There are some amazing suggestions, many of which will be implemented in the Phan household, and soon. For instance – I think I’m going to buy a basket for Husband to keep stuff in, because her number one suggestion was the best: Throw It Out. I’m guilty of being a pack rat. So is Husband. We need to do a full house purge, and preferably before BabyPhan is born. I also need to start doing laundry more often, and I need to convince Husband that putting it away isn’t the end of the world.

    There’s a war of attrition going on in our house over laundry, but trust me when I say you don’t want me to bore you with the details.

    So, I have a confession. I scheduled this post. I’m hoping it will all go off without a hitch. If it does, and you’re reading this with a 9 am time stamp, awesome. I’m probably sitting in the waiting room of my OB’s office fidgeting nervously as I wait for my appointment. Fingers crossed that BabyPhan cooperates and shows us the goods like his/her brother did.

    Goodnight Moon

    This book is a nightly ritual for us.

    Butter knows what’s going on when we take him up to his room, shut the door, and change him into his PJs. We’ve always tried to read to him before bed [and I read to him quite a bit during the day if we’re home], but this is, far and away, his favorite book.

    Last night when Husband and I took him to bed, Butter pointed up to his bookshelf and said “Moon?” Clearly, he knows this is part of his bedtime routine.

    After reading it for the third time tonight, I decided I’d do a little bit of research. The first thing that shows up when you type Goodnight Moon into Mr. Google is this Wikipedia entry. Did you know that things move around in the room?

    • the hands on the two clocks progress from 7 PM to 8:10 PM.
    • the young mouse and kittens wander around the room. The mouse is present in all pages showing the room.
    • the red balloon hanging over the bed disappears in several of the color plates, then reappears at the end.
    • the room lighting grows progressively darker.
    • the moon rises in the left-hand window.
    • the socks disappear from the drying rack.
    • the open book in the bookshelf is The Runaway Bunny.
    • the book on the nightstand is Goodnight Moon.
    • in the painting of the cow jumping over the moon, the mailbox in the right-hand side of the painting occasionally disappears.
    • in the painting of the three bears, the painting hanging in the bears’ room is a painting of a cow jumping over the moon.
    • the painting of the fly-fishing bunny, which appears only in two color plates, appears to be black and white (or otherwise devoid of color). It is very similar to a picture in the book The Runaway Bunny.
    • the number of books in the bookshelf changes.
    • the pendulum of the bedside clock disappears in the final room scene
    • the stripes on the bunny’s shirt change
    • in the last page the word bunny is gone off the brush

    I’d heard a few of those, but not all of them. It’ll be fun, as Butter gets older, to see what he makes of the changes in the book. The kid is ridiculously observant [I swear he could find a needle in a haystack if he put his mind to it!], and I’m definitely going to make a point of looking for the changes I hadn’t noticed before tomorrow night.