I started running.

It’s going to go slowly, I don’t doubt that.

I’m doing a program called The Couch to 5K. I’d already started it when I first got pregnant with Little Bear, but I quit [even though they told me I could keep doing it] because I was so exhausted. Lame excuse, but I was really tired early on. [Ask me how much TV Butter watched. No wait. Don’t.]

I did my first run today and I feel good about it. I struggled a bit with the actual running bit at the very last interval, but other than that and a stitch in my ribs, it was almost too easy. It kind of makes me think I wasn’t running fast enough, but I didn’t want to push it too much. I had a baby 7 weeks ago, you know.

Speaking of the baby. I cannot believe Little Bear is 7 weeks. Further, I can’t believe we’ve had him home for a month. I have to call the pedi for a weight check/vaccination tomorrow and it’s just shocking the heck out of me. Time flies, right?

The drive yesterday went well. I’ll update about that tomorrow.

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  1. Fear not, I bet you were running fast enough. The awesome thing about that program is it starts off gradually enough that you won’t quit. It gets harder… ask my legs, they’ll tell you… with 4-letter words.

    I hope you love it! I’m ROCKING proud of you.

  2. So my last comment links you back to my old blog and either i’m being stupid or wordpress is but i can’t for the life of me delete that blog! so i’m hoping this link does it…

  3. I used Couch 2 5K and it does work because believe me I was NEVER a runner. Jogging to get my mail made me out of breath. I actually ran a few 5K’s after completing it. I’m hoping to get back to running so we should make a goal to run a 5K together. That would be fun!!!!

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