Right now, I stink.


I just got off of the treadmill. [Totally writing this post on Tuesday night, by the way.]

According to my Nike+ chip, I ran 2.12 miles in 31:31. Right now, I feel like I could run another three miles. We’ll see if I still feel that way when I get up in the morning. [I’m thinking no.]

I have a 5k in 37 days.

And then I have the Damon Runyon 5k at Yankee Stadium on August 7. Team 33 has a total fundraising goal of $400. When I heard about this race, it was the one that finally inspired me to get off my duff and start running. This is the race I’m most excited about. Two of my best friends are joining me. I could not be more thrilled, and I know we’re going to have a great time.

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