I’m Lazy

I signed up to run a 5k in June, with the intention of getting back on the treadmill and training for it. And I did okay for a few weeks. But then something happened. I got the Blahs.

Let me tell you about the Blahs.

I get them from time to time. I get cranky with life and the Blahs set in.

Here’s where I let you in on a secret. I’m writing this post on Sunday night. I have a plan in place now. I’m going to get up in the morning and get on the treadmill. And the morning after that, I’m going to do the same thing. Even if I don’t run a program from the C25K, I’m going to get my butt on the treadmill. If I don’t do that, I’m going to pop in the 30 Day Shred and do it on Tuesday.

Either way, by the time this posts on Wednesday, I want to have 3 workouts logged in to dailymile. I know I don’t have a ton of readers, but can I ask those of you who do read to do me a favor?

If I don’t have 3 workouts logged in, [you can view my training by click on the link on the lower left hand side of the page] leave me a comment and verbally kick my butt.

It’s not that I don’t have encouraging people in my life. M encourages me every day. For a while, the numbers going down on the scale encouraged me. Then the dreaded Blahs set in and I couldn’t drag myself out of bed in the morning to work out. And it has to be before work, because the boys have me going until around 9 pm every night and after that, all I want to do is curl up with a book and read myself to sleep.

I hope to post next Wednesday that I’ve worked out every day [in some way]  between now and then. I know I feel better when I’m getting regular exercise. I want to be healthier for my kids. Because in the end, this isn’t for me. Yes, I want to run a 5k [then a 10k, then a half marathon, etc], but this is not about me. This is about my kids and what I can do to make sure I’m around for a long, long time. [Moyamoya be damned.]

I just need to be held accountable.

Tuesday night edit: M opens the restaurant Wednesday, so I plan to run this evening. Go easy on me, please. 😉

2 Replies to “I’m Lazy”

  1. Running is not an easy thing to keep at by yourself, so best of luck with that. Joining a group of some sort is the easiest way to go. I used to run every day in high school because I was on the track/cross country team. As soon as I graduated I stopped because it was way too boring to do by myself.

    Keep it up, that 5k doesn’t stand a chance!

  2. Oh, yes. dailymile motivation assault incoming. BWAHAHAHA.
    (seriously, dailymile is one of 3 websites I like that work doesn’t block so until they figure it out and block it, I’m on there constantly. You want dailymile feedback? you’ve got it.)

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