We wanted this . . . Right?

Last Saturday, we went to the Wilmington Flower Market. The idea was to get plants for my garden, but they were out of vegetables by the time we got there.


Butter has always been a friendly kid. My mother in law told me a story once about having him in a Hallmark. He took the hand of a stranger and was walking around with her. And he’s starting to want to run ahead more often when we’re at events these days.

I told M that day how I remembered something my kindergarten teacher had done. Once a week [or month; I don’t remember how often it was], she asked us all our name, birthday, address, and I’m pretty sure she asked our phone number, too. So I got the brilliant idea to teach Butter all of that information, in the event he ever gets separated from us. I’d like to think a police officer would ask him his address, but I don’t know. At very least, he can tell someone our phone number.

The kid’s known his [full] name for ages. He also knows his brother’s name. A few weeks ago, I taught Butter his birthday. He’s actually quite adorable when he tells you, too.

“Butter, when’s your birthday?”
“July and 24th!”

I have no idea where the ‘and’ in that sentence came from, but it’s cute. Saturday, we started to work on the address. By Monday afternoon, if you asked him his name, birthday, and address, he could tell you all of it. [Minus city, state & zip code. That will come in time.] Sunday afternoon, I started to work on M’s phone number with Butter, because M’s is much easier to remember than mine.

We’d been working on the phone number, but it wasn’t sticking for some reason. Mostly. He could tell you it, but it seemed like he’d only do it if he wanted to. Okay, kids will be kids and all that. Well, Wednesday night, Butter and Little Bear stayed with their grandparents overnight. M and I weren’t five minutes away from the house when his cell phone rang. He answered it thinking it was one of his parents. Turns out, it was Butter. He’d dialed the numbers all by himself.

He called no less than four times.

And Grandmom got it in her head to teach him Mommy’s cell phone number, too. Which is good, because the kiddo should have options.

At first, I was going to say I’m not looking forward to the calls my kid will be able to make all by himself now. But, that’s not the truth. Those calls make me smile, and are totally worth it.

Just keep in mind we only have a certain number of day time minutes, Butter.

5 Replies to “We wanted this . . . Right?”

  1. Great job! You wouldn’t believe how many of my 5th graders do not know their address or phone number. Unbelievable! We made up a catchy tune to help the kiddos remember ours and they both have known them for quite awhile.

  2. we are teaching our preschoolers their name (first and last), their mom and dad’s real name, their address, city, and state. after about a month, almost all of them know their mom and dad’s real name, city, and state. the addresses are a little tricky!
    good luck and keep up the good work!

  3. You are such a GREAT mom. Wish I had beem half as good. I’m very proud of the incredible young lady and mom you have become.

  4. …the and come from his great grandpa S. He used to always use it when saying dates…especially years.

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