Twisted Tales

It started out small.

“Did you do X?”


Then it got more creative. “Don’t look at me right now.”

Butter is lying. I don’t know why he’s starting so early, but OMGITNEEDSTOSTOPNOW.

The most interesting is when he tells us not to look at him because he knows he’ll get in trouble for jumping from the coffee table to the sofa/hitting his brother/doing whatever else he’s been told approximately eleventy billion times he’s not allowed to do. Sometimes it’s, “Mommy, close your eyes.” Other times it’s, “Pop, look at that over there.”

Tonight was just . . . he got in trouble more than once for lying. His punishment was an all business bath, which  he is currently crying about in his bedroom. He likes to play in the tub [what can I say, he’s addicted to water] and sometimes fights us to stay in until the tub is completely drained of every last bit of water before he’ll even consider getting out.

He lied about jumping from the coffee table to the sofa. He lied about kicking his soccer ball in the house. And then he lied to me about lying. I am not a happy mama right now.

I know this is normal. I just don’t know quite how to deal with it. Do we take things  he likes away? Do we make him go to bed early for his infractions? Argh.

3 Replies to “Twisted Tales”

  1. We do 1,2,3 Magic as our discipline and lying is an automatic timeout with no warnings. 4 minutes, then we’re done. No lectures, no going over and over it- once the timeout is over it’s like the offense never happened.

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