The Lost Tooth

Just about a month ago, while the boys & I were watching Mary Poppins, Butter turned to me in a panic & said, “Mommy! My tooth!”

Um, what?

SO not expecting that to come out of my four year old’s mouth. He started to freak out & wanted me to put it back in his mouth. I explained to him that I couldn’t do that, & we had a talk about the Tooth Fairy.

Butter’s First Lost Tooth

And then I sent a text to M in a panic because the tooth came out at roughly 7 p.m. & I had no idea what we were going to do. After talking with a friend, I decided toothbrush & toothpaste were the way to go. And a silver dollar, because, duh.

Butter wanted to leave a note for the Tooth Fairy.

Note to the Tooth Fairy. Notice the cool font he picked out.

You may be wondering why we didn’t go through all of this when he had to have a tooth pulled last year. He told us the Tooth Fairy doesn’t give people money for broken teeth. [He never did fall for the Tooth Fairy not caring if the tooth was broken. I think I ended up tossing that one.]

When M finally came home, I immediately sent him back out on a search for a toothbrush & toothpaste. Then I panicked when the drug store wasn’t open after 11 p.m. [On a Sunday! The NERVE!] & went googling for something open until at least midnight. Thank goodness for the grocery store we never go to. The toothbrush & toothpaste were secured, along with a gift for Bear, because 1) He needed the toothpaste anyway, and 2) He’s two. He would not have been happy with his brother getting a present & not being included. He also got a pretty neat letter from the Tooth Fairy.

Hi Butter,

This is my first visit to you, so I thought I would write you a letter to introduce myself! My name is Chipper Chomper, but you can just call me The Tooth Fairy, which is my official title.

I really love this job because it means I get to come see great kids like you and buy lots of shiny white teeth. Since this is your first tooth, I’m leaving something extra special under your pillow tonight. The next time you lose a tooth, you can leave it for me in an envelope or special pouch so it doesn’t get lost under your pillow.

Just remember that I can only come at night while you’re sleeping, so you’ll never see me take your tooth. It’s okay, though. You can write me a note and leave it with your tooth if you want. Also, remember to always brush and floss because I can only take clean, shiny teeth!

I’m going to be your tooth carrier for all of your teeth, so I just know we’re going to be friends. I’m looking forward to my next visit!

the tooth fairy

PS – I’m leaving something special for Bear, too. I’m counting on you to help teach him how to take care of his teeth so I can come visit him one day, too.

Hey, for something done on the fly, I thought it was pretty well done. Thank goodness for Google & finding letters I could print. I did alter that one a bit from other things I saw online.

All of this was done after midnight. He woke up the next morning all excited about the letter, brush, and paste. I had to point the money out to him. By that afternoon? He could recite the letter from memory. I don’t know whether to be scared or awed . . .

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