That’s it.

I’m setting a goal, and I’m sticking to it.

I will blog more often.

I originally said I’d blog every day for the next month, but I really don’t know if I can keep up with that, so . . . more often it is.

If someone would have told me this is what my life would be like when I was a month shy of having a two year old, I may have laughed at them. He gets into everything. Just yesterday, he picked Husband’s pocket twice. The second time, Husband ignored it. This was the result:

Husband laughed at me for taking the picture . . . and promptly set it as his home screen image on his cell phone.

We’re going to hang out with some of my twitter pals at a soft playground called Xbos [I’ve typed Xbox more times than I care to admit] tomorrow. I’m definitely looking forward to Butter getting some play time in with other kids. We were going to do story time at our local Barnes and Noble, but I decided running around and playing [thereby tiring himself out] is a better situation for Mama.

Hopefully I don’t forget my camera.

As far as the pregnancy goes, I’m feeling great. My only real issue has been hip and tailbone pain that came a lot earlier than I anticipated. I think we’re doing fairly well with preparing Butter for the baby, too. He loves to pat my belly and say “Hi Baby!” I also get tons of belly kisses from him.

Next appointment is in two weeks, and we’ll have our anatomy scan then. Yes, we plan to find out what BabyPhan is if s/he decides to cooperate. Fingers crossed for a healthy baby.

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