Sometimes my kid is awesome.

Yesterday, when I went to pick Butter up from school, he was all smiles the minute he saw me. He happily waved goodbye to his classmates, waiting patiently while I helped him into his coat and asked his teacher about his homework folder, and didn’t try to jump down the stairs when we walked outside to the car.

He told me all about his day in babbles and excitement and a lot of “Miss Amy says…”

Then he started to sing, “Lucy in the sky with Daddy.”

Butter, I’m pretty sure those aren’t the words. He told me he learned the song at school. I later found out that he and M had been singing it on the way to school, so I’m wondering if Butter started singing it in class and someone was quick to “correct” his lyrics.

Which makes me wonder why.

I know the rumors of what the song is actually about. I also know the story that it was inspired by a picture Julian Lennon drew. But even if the rumors are true, and it was a song about acid, why would a teacher correct that? It’s not like two or three year olds know what LSD is, and Julian was in nursery school when he drew the picture.

I’ve got half a mind to take him to school next week and ask about it, because I don’t see what’s wrong with my kid singing a song by a band both of his parents love. I wouldn’t want him going around singing Ludacris’s Move [Trust me, Mom & MIL, it’s best that you not even look up the lyrics. Trust me. STOP GOOGLING RIGHT NOW. Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.], but for him to sing a relatively benign song about a picture that a kid his age drew? Well, I just don’t get it.

I say sing, Butter. Sing Beatles songs to your heart’s content. Because I’m sure not going to let you sing that song by Cee-Lo.

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  1. The way they changed the lyrics makes it sound like Lucy and Daddy have died, which is horrible.

    I completely agree with you about the lyrics, by the way. While I’m not a fan of the Beatles (though the wife is), Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is a huge song and, like you said, kids don’t know about the possible LSD connection.

    I wonder what Isaac’s teachers will think when he walks in singing “Cowboys are frequently, secretly fond of each other” or “I’m my own Grandpa, I’m my own Grandpa”?

  2. If there is another version of this song, I don’t want to know.

    The kiddo can learn everything there is to know about the Beatles, just the way my mom taught me. She didn’t tell me John Lennon was dead until she thought I was old enough to understand, but when I asked what songs were about she never lied to me. She lived the 60s. I didn’t. It’s history. Why sugar-coat it?

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