Road Trip!

The first pseudo road trip was a success!

Except for the fact that the night before I didn’t go to sleep until 4 am. Therefore, I didn’t wake up until 9, and we didn’t get on the road until almost noon. (Sorry, Traci!)

I learned a few things I think will be helpful for the next trip:

  • First of all, I need to get both boys’ stuff packed up the night before. I don’t know what I was thinking, but when I went to bed on Sunday, they should have been done, with nothing left to do but put them in their car seats.
  • Car DVD players are a gift from the heavens.
  • I have to move Butter’s car seat so that he’s not behind me. It was too hard to hand him tissues because his nose was running on the way home with him directly behind me. [This will only need to happen if I travel alone with the boys.]
  • Finding a rest stop with a family restroom or an old school, single person only restroom in a restaurant will be my best friend. Butter was able to go potty, then I was able to change Little Bear. I didn’t have to try to juggle both boys in a handicapped stall [I don’t like using them unless I have to].
  • Don’t ever, ever, let the car go less than 35 miles per hour. Traffic laws? What are those? [This is an entire post in and of itself.]

We had a great time with Traci and Mike [and their dogs, Bettis and Oscar] and Butter’s already asking about when we can go back to Miss Traci’s house. Love that kid.

And today? You get this picture, which is probably the best picture of him to date.

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