Please, Oh Please

Please tell me this is normal.

Butter won’t stay in bed.

In his defense, I think he’s having nightmares. I shared a twin sized bed with him this past weekend and he cried out several times. [And he totally had a dream about Kipper.]

He’s been “in bed” about 20 minutes tonight. He’s been out of bed no less than 4 times.

There really isn’t enough wine in the world to get me through this phase.

In other news? Our friends Sean & Crystal nearly got stuck with us forever this past weekend, because Little Bear slept through the night on Saturday into Sunday.

3 Replies to “Please, Oh Please”

  1. Totally normal.

    Which doesn’t really help.

    Both Kate and Flora went through periods where they were waking at night and coming to visit us. Nightmares were part of the package. Frankly, Kate still won’t sleep in her own bed; fortunately (for us) she has decided that sharing Flora’s bed is acceptable.

    You just have to wait it out OR you could try to sleep train him (the toddler version of “cry it out”). The new baby is probably contributing to the situation.

    Good luck. Been there. It’s not easy. I’m sure in a couple of years, we’ll be going through it another time with M.

  2. It’s biologically normal for children to need to be with their parents; their stress levels increase by huge amounts when separated. Night separation and sleep training are societal expectations. Please research carefully, and make your own decision.

  3. I don’t know if it’s normal or not, but his long distance best buddy is doing the same thing. I wish I had answers for you…because I need some too.

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