Parenting Skills 101

Saturday morning, for the second time ever, I took both boys grocery shopping by myself.

I thought I’d blogged about taking them the first time [for the record, Butter was secure in the cart and I wore Little Bear in the Moby wrap], but I guess I didn’t. I do know I posted on facebook about the fact that I was successful.

I don’t know what it is, but something has always terrified me about the idea of taking both boys in to any kind of store alone. I can do it, I just don’t like to.

M wanted to cut the grass on Saturday morning, so I offered to take the kids with me when I ran to the store. Little Bear is big enough to sit up in the grocery cart now [and thanks to a contest Mama of All Trades had a few months back, I have a sweet Infantino Cloud Deluxe Shopping Cart Cover to put him in!], but I had a bit of a panic attack about what to do with Butter. When we take quick trips, he loooooovvvvvesss to sit in the back of the cart. That presents a problem when the cart is totally full of stuff.

I traveled alone with the kids back in January to see friends, and on that trip, taught Butter to hold on to my leg in public restrooms while I changed Little Bear. If there was a family restroom, it wasn’t an issue, but a lot of times there wasn’t. Saturday, I asked him to hold on to the cart while we were walking along.

I got more than one compliment on how well behaved he was, and it made me feel so good. Little Bear was all smiles, Butter waved hello to people as we walked past them, and got an especially loud giggle out of someone in the dairy section when he told me his milk needed Oreos. On the way out, an older gentleman who we’d seen a couple of times asked me how old the boys were. When I told him their ages, he smiled and said it had been a long time since he’d seen such well behaved kids in the store.

I was so excited when I came home and told M, because there are days when I feel like I’m a pretty bad mom. It’s one thing for M, or my parents, or my in laws to compliment me on my parenting. It’s a completely different thing for someone I don’t know to do it. I don’t know why the older man’s compliment stuck out, but it did. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard so many complaints from that generation about how ill behaved children are these days, and how parents can’t control their kids.

That was my happy for the weekend. How was everyone else’s weekend?

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  1. Good for you! I for one am terrified of the grocery store. I have taken the boys to Target, the mall. Tons of places but I’ve never done the grocery store.

    1. It was horrifying the first time, and I didn’t know what I was thinking on Saturday. Maybe because I fell asleep at 8:30 on Friday night, I was feeling bold? I don’t know. I do know I’m not tempting fate like that too often.

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