My First Time

Do you remember parent/teacher conferences when you were a kid? I certainly do, and they scared the bejeezus out of me. I sat there imagining my homeroom teacher and parents plotting against me. The only thing more despicable than what they said about me was the plans they were making to make my life unlivable.

I’m sure they mentioned one or two good bits about me, and I’m sure my Mom made me aware of them but I honestly only remember two quotes. First there was the perpetual, “You’re not living up to your POTENTIAL.” Second there was, “You did WHAT to the stalls in the bathroom?!” That one was a one time event.

Friday I had my first opportunity to be on the other side. Our first conference for our oldest son (who is in Pre-K a little more than two hours about four days a week) went well. We sat in chairs built for people under 3′ tall (I’m 6’3″, so that part sucked) and listened to his teacher. In brief: he’s smart, kind, and overall a good boy.

I guess he’s doing the potential thing better than his old man.

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