May I Have My Healthy Child Back, Please?

Oh, life.

You have a funny, funny way about you.

Wednesday, I got a call from M about needing to pick Butter up from school. Since then, it’s been a steady game of take his temperature, give him medicine, watch his fever break, watch his fever come back with a vengeance, have him throw up, etc. I am not thrilled with this. Tonight, he is in his own bedroom for the first time in two nights because Bear threw a FIT! when I closed the door without Butter being in bed.

I dragged the mattress back to his bed from our floor & told Butter I’d get him later, after his brother falls asleep. I’m on the fence. His temperature, which was a cool 99 degrees this morning before I went to work, was around 101 when I put him to bed. I don’t want Bear to get sick, but I also would very much like to sleep tonight. Butter has woken me up at 3 a.m. the past two nights, and I then go back to sleep around 5:30.

Bear gets up around 5:45. Do not judge me for kicking my husband & telling him it’s his turn to get up with the child, thankyouverymuch. That man can fall asleep in 0.0004 seconds. He woke up for a bit with Butter the past two nights, but has been snoring away before his head even hits the pillow once he gets Butter settled. And then Butter gets up again, then we start the 3 a.m. wake up cycle.

I did take him to the doctor yesterday. The rapid strep & the culture came back negative. It would have been fabulous if the nurse practitioner had told me she thought it was something viral, but apparently I was supposed to assume that from the fact that Butter’s ears/throat/sinuses/lungs are clear & there’s no tenderness in his belly? But no, she didn’t tell me that. I learned it when I called the nurse’s line today because really I’m genuinely worried. The kid knocked off the fever twice [yesterday he was drenched in sweat] & it’s come raging back about an hour later both times. And there was the difficulty waking him up while he was sweating buckets on my sofa. So I called when M alerted me that Butter’s temperature was back up to 103.1 because I was at my wit’s end. The on call doctor said we’re within the normal time frame for a virus, blah blah blah. Okay. I’ll keep an eye on him.

It’s not like he never gets sick. He rarely gets sick, though, and I usually don’t have to take him to the doctor for it. In fact, they’re pretty impressed that he’s only been in a handful of times for sick appointments. I probably wouldn’t have taken him this time had his fevers not been so ridiculous. But 104 is pushing it, and he had that yesterday, so.

How do you deal with sick kids?

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