March for Babies

Two years ago, I did the March of Dimes walk with a friend who’d had a preemie. That friendship has dissolved, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t keep the March for Babies in the back of my head.

Several months ago when I met Juli, she mentioned that the March of Dimes was something she was a big supporter of, and I said “Why not?” when she asked me to join her team for 2011. [One of these days, I’ll get Juli to tell you the story of why she supports MOD and why she was such a valuable resource to me, personally, during Little Bear’s stay.]

As you obviously know, November 17 was the start of a twenty day stay in the NICU for Little Bear.

He wasn’t there more than a few days before the March of Dimes representative sat with me and told me her personal NICU story. She was incredible and let me cry on her shoulder [figuratively, I promise] because she knew just how overwhelming the entire situation was for us.

I’ve been sitting here for more than twenty minutes, trying to figure out how exactly to word the rest of this post.

I know times are tough. But I know people can be generous, and I’m asking you to consider making a donation to our walk this year. It’s super easy. See the widget on the sidebar? Just click on that and it’ll take you to my personal fund raising page for the walk on April 30, 2011. Butter already has one March for Babies under his belt and this is just the start of a new tradition for our family. Little Bear will be there, proudly wearing a NICU graduate t-shirt.

Thank you, from my entire family and the families of other NICU babies.

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