Just Keep Swimming!

As of August 2, 2011, I have two children in swim lessons.

When Butter was about five months old, my mother in law suggested we think about putting him in swim lessons. M started when he was about six months old, and she tells a great story about him jumping into a pool after his brother and managing to swim himself all the way to the side, despite being only two. [If you know my MIL, ask her. She’s more than willing to share.]

Butter didn’t start until he was eight months old [and unfortunately I can’t find the pictures right now], but he’s still taking lessons even though he sometimes complains about going.

This was him on Tuesday:
Yes, he’s on the kick board all by himself.

I’m putting a disclaimer in here for Juli, my sister from another mister. J, this next picture might scare you half to death:

He’s swimming/floating on his back. All by himself. [His teacher is not far away, though.]

Little Bear had his very first lesson yesterday.

[That’s their teacher, Miss Kay.e]

Just chillin’, suckin’ on my thumb.

Miss Kaye said Little Bear did great. She laughed because he stuck his own face in the water and blew bubbles at her.

My babies are growing up.

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