I Can Totally Do This, Right?

On Monday, I’ll take a road trip to visit my friend Traci.

With both boys.


This is in anticipation of a road trip to Virginia Beach at the end of January to take Little Bear to meet his godparents (and visit with my good friends). With both boys. Alone.

I’m already thinking of DVDs to take for Butter to watch. I’m considering getting Pull Ups, even though the pediatrician tells me they’re the devil. I’m stressing over rest stops with both boys and how that will go. Do I have enough snacks to keep Butter happy while we’re stopped so I can feed Little Bear?

This is stressing me out [hello, reason I’m on blood pressure medication?], but I have confidence in myself.

The drive to Virginia Beach will take approximately 4-5 hours. The drive to Traci’s house is a little over two and I’m thinking it will take closer to 2.5 when I take into account potty stops for Butter. Little Bear can go that long without eating if I make sure to feed him right before I leave and have a bottle made as soon as we get to Traci’s house.

I’m not crazy . . . Right?

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  1. No…you are NOT crazy…and YES you can do it. Plan ahead so you are driving during Deaocn’s nap time. Pullups are a great idea…but I do not think the big boy will have an accident. But why take a chance

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