Hotter Than Hades

No, really.

It’s been that hot in Delaware the past few days, and to be quite honest, I’m not sure how I’ve survived [answer: central air and lots and lots and lots of water].

Look, I don’t know how pregnant women did it in the summer before central air. Butter was born in July [OMG, he’ll be 2 in a little over 2 weeks], and that was a miserable summer for me. This one is worse, and I don’t have the benefit of having an outside baby before it’s over. I made a reference to feeling like the Wicked Witch of the West sans bucket of water the other day. Took Husband a good 20-30 seconds to “get” what I meant.

Butter had another episode of Attach-Himself-to-Mommyitis at school today. My theory is that there’s something going on in his class that he doesn’t like, because we never had this problem with his first class. Half the time he’d take off running the second I opened the door. His Grandma says he’s fine when she picks him up – not in a hurry to go, but doesn’t necessarily want to leave right away – so I know he’s eventually warming up to the teacher/other students. I just don’t know what’s causing the attachment issues he’s got when we first get there. I plan to call and speak with someone about it to find out if any of the other kids are having this problem, or if it’s maybe because he’s only there one day a week. [Again, wasn’t a problem with his other class.] I’ve also got a theory that his recent outbursts of “GO AWAY!” have something to do with that class, but I can’t confirm that. I just know that it started about the time he transitioned and we’ve been having problems with it ever since.

In other news – tomorrow is BabyPhan’s anatomy scan. I’m excited. Hopefully the baby will cooperate and we’ll find out if it’s BabyBoyPhan or BabyGirlPhan, because we haven’t even begun to have a good discussion on what we’re naming this child who will be here in a little over 20 weeks. With Butter, we knew before we knew that he was a he.

We had a great Fourth of July. We were invited by one of my twitter buddies to a pool party. I have pictures on my camera to share, but I haven’t uploaded them yet. Butter had a blast. He took off for the slide in the deep end and for the next twenty minutes all I heard was “Again Mommy!” because he enjoyed it that much. We did the fireworks thing, but left early because he started to have a minitantrum and we just didn’t want that to happen in front of our friends. Of course he was completely well behaved and wide awake for the 45 minute drive home [at 10 pm].


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  1. I just wanted to let you know from a childcare’s perspective (although I know nothing about your center), separation is perfectly normal. many children have a hard time adjusting to a new class environment. we have had children cry for MONTHS (day in and day out) and they just need to get used to the new teachers, children, and rules.
    Although he is turning 2, he is going to be picking up more words from the other children in the classroom. And bring mean in one of them! Plus, he has a new sibling on the way. Sure, he acts like he is excited, but he can still start to feel very anxious about this whole new family he is going to have. This could be a really hard time for “Butter”. Some transitions are harder than others (we have this happen ALL the time! From the 2 year old room to the 3 year old room was fine but from the 3 to the 4 is really hard. Children change!). You have to think, he has never transitioned to another room. He went in that room as a new student, not from the room before. Totally different now. Everything was exciting going into a new school,but now it’s scary moving up to a new room.
    And, your center is not overly paranoid about not being able to bring cupcakes in for school. We do the same thing. Nothing home baked in the building. Hell, we even have to have a medical consent form to put on sunscreen. for real.
    I just want to make you feel a little bit better.

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