Butter has been fantastic about potty training.

He was day trained before Little Bear was born [because Mama wasn’t changing two children out of diapers all day] and overnight, he was in diapers. I can’t even tell you  how nice it was to be able to deal with one set of diapers when Little Bear came home from the NICU.

When LB turned about six months old, we started putting Butter in underwear overnight. He went potty right before bed, then either M or I took him potty when we went to bed roughly three hours later. He was typically dry in the morning, and ran straight to the potty. About two or three months ago, despite going right before bed and at some point in the middle of the night, he started waking up with a soaked bed.

Mama got tired of doing laundry every single morning, so we went back to pull ups at night. We still wake him up to go potty before we go to bed. Most mornings he wakes up dry. Some days he does not, but that’s not such a big deal now since he’s in pull ups.

But then. Then Sunday happened. And I was ready to run away.

I think a huge part of it is our fault. M was home in the morning. We went to church together. I don’t know if they give Butter a drink with his snack in his class [I’ll have to ask M; he was the parent helper in class two Sundays ago], but I do know we probably gave him way too much to drink when we got home. He had two cups of apple cider before lunch. With lunch, he had a cup of Arnold Palmer. At some point before we left for the event my friend Juli held where she works, I’m pretty sure he asked for some milk.

My mother in law went to the event with me, and I needed to pick her up on the way. Butter was already in his coat, and I was putting LB’s on when I noticed Butter dancing around. I asked him if he needed to go potty [he had gone about ten minutes before that] and he said no. Okay, fine. So I get the kids loaded up in the car and we get on the road. At the light closest to our house, Butter suddenly said, “I need to go potty!” so we went back to the house.

Butter went potty, but he required an underwear change. Both kids fell asleep on the way to Grandmom’s house. We we got to the event we looked for a bathroom because both adults had to go. I don’t know how either one of us missed that Butter was soaked front and back, which meant he’d gone in his booster seat at some point. I only noticed when I was trying to help him undo his pants as he danced around in front of me.

Well, crap.

He’s been doing so well with going potty for so long that I’ve stopped traveling with a change of clothes for him. I didn’t even have a back up  pair of underwear, which I usually keep in LB’s diaper bag. If you ever want to see something hilarious, squeeze a toddler into a size four diaper. Thank goodness for Juli. Her son is about the same size as Butter, so we were able to borrow a pair of jeans from her. Butter had a great time at the event and it was a record breaker! Congratulations, Juli!

When we got back to Grandmom’s house, I asked Butter to head into the bathroom so I could wash off the waterproof mascara I’d used to draw under his eyes to make him look like a football player. [It was a bad costume, and I’m not proud of it, but I’m kind of stressed out this year.] He started dancing again, so I walked him over to the potty and barely got the diaper off of him before he started going. He went all over my hand, the floor, and the borrowed jeans. Thankfully my in laws have a stash of clothes for the boys. He got new underwear, new pants, his face washed off, and went off to play with our cousin’s dog.

Like I said, I think a large part of it was our fault. We gave him entirely too much to drink. But he’s also at this point where he won’t go potty unless we tell him to, and then sometimes he tells us he can hold it. We still make him go, obviously. Even yesterday, I had to remind him a few times to go to the potty and he argued with me almost every time.

Is this some phase we’re going to have to deal with?

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  1. I have no advice—only understanding. My daughter has been a nightmare to potty train. She’s nearly 4 and she is still back and forth. You described it well when you said you were ready to run away. That’s my feeling some days. Seriously. Hang in there and just keep encouraging and guiding him. It will end, right?!

  2. Watch the tea with Butter. Tea makes some people (Aunt Von) run to the bathroom a lot more than most drinks. I can drink tea for lunch (I also drink Arnold Palmer at lunch) and it makes me get up in the middle of the night at least 3 times a night. Talk about funny…our upstairs bathroom only has a bathtub. There is no toilet, so I must go down 2 flights of stairs to use the bathroom. Do that 3 times during the night, and you will feel like you did not sleep at all!
    Have you tried scheduling his liquids and bathroom visits? Sometimes, if a child has a routine like this, it is easier because he knows what is expected and when. I know that routines are really hard, especially when kids are little. Just like using potty right before bed and first thing in the morning, potty time can be scheduled throughout the day. It’s worth a try. May not work, but it won’t hurt either.
    I hope your surgeries go well. We are praying for you. The boys are adorable! I hope they help you through all this. Great to hear that you are going to church. Miss you all!

  3. He is too preoccupied with having fun or reading, or watching TV or on the computer to be bothered with going to the bathroom….so we just need to keep reminding him. He is way ahead of most kids his age with potty training! Be patient!

  4. I still have to remind my 4 year olds a million times before we go somewhere. It’s normal for the age…no worries! It will get better! Keep your head up!

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