I’ve noticed something. When Butter talks about people at school, he doesn’t say classmates. He doesn’t say kids. He says friends.

Apparently this is a thing now?

It bugs me, because we had a problem last month where Butter climbed in to bed with us & when we told him to get up & get ready for school, he said he couldn’t. Over & over & over he told us, “I can’t!” The entire situation ended up with him being in trouble because he just. wasn’t. listening. While he got dressed, I sat down on his floor & talked to him.

He didn’t want to go to school because “friends” are laughing at him. When I asked him to name the friends he said he couldn’t, because he didn’t know their names. Both M & I explained to him that if he doesn’t know their names, they’re not friends. As the Paul said in the Bible (glaringly paraphrased, by the way), we don’t need to be a friend to everyone, but we do need to be friendly to everyone.

I get it. The schools need to be P.C. because we live in a litigious society. At what cost, though? My child thinks everyone in his school is a friend, when in the glaring reality of the world that is so not true. Is everyone Butter’s friend? Nope. Should he friendly to everyone anyway? Absolutely.

There are days when I long for what school was like when I was a kid. When we didn’t get in trouble for playing cops & robbers on the playground, when I’d never heard the term cross-cross-applesauce [let’s be real, that one took me a WHILE to figure out], & when not everyone was my friend & that was perfectly freaking okay.

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